AI FOR KI – 25/2 17.00-18.00

AI FOR KI – An introduction by Professor Magnus Boman, about the ways KI works with AI

Medicinska Föreningens project ”Framtidens Kårhus” are inviting you all to this inspiring eventing.

AI is the new IT-word that’s used as soon as people want to sound modern or intelligent, but what is AI actually? How is it beneficial in research and how is it currently implemented in medical research at KI? Magnus Boman is a professor in computer science at the Royal Institute of Technology and has mapped out the usage of artificial intelligence within the project AI at KI. He will present what he has seen throughout the project and elaborate shortly on how it can be used in the future. The presentation will be short and after it will be an open forum for questions to Magnus on the usage of AI in medical research.